Alex McKinnon surprises Newcastle team-mates

Alex McKinnon surprised his Newcastle Knights team-mates yesterday by turning up in their dressing room unannounced.

The Knights, McKinnon’s team before a tragic accident ended his career earlier this season, were facing NRL rivals Canterbury Bulldogs (click here for the match report), and, according to captain Kurt Gidley, his appearance gave the side a huge boost.

“It was an instant smile on my face when I saw him in the dressing room,” Gidley said.

“It was a nice surprise and that’s what probably made it a little bit hard seeing him after the game today. It would have been great to get the result for him today, but it was still great having him here at the game.

“And it’s nice to see the progression he is making too from where he was. Me and a few of the other boys got dropped off at the hospital on the way down yesterday.

“It was great to see him, because I’d spoken to him on the phone. But he has got a great attitude Alex. It’s great to see him with a smile on his face.”

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