Anderson launches attack on ref Joe Cobb

Huddersfield Giants coach Paul Anderson didn’t hold back as he criticised referee Joe Cobb for being influenced during Huddersfield’s 26-19 defeat to Wigan.

Anderson’s side saw two men sent to the sin-bin in the second half while also ending up on the wrong side of the penalty count.

Nathan Mason was yellow carded after Cobb issued a team warning while Aaron Murphy was then given ten minutes late on.

With the Giants leading 12-6 at the break, Shaun Wane was seen in discussion with John Bateman, who then went and had a lengthy conversation with the referee as they approached the tunnel. Wane confirmed post-match that Bateman had confronted the ref about the speed of the ruck.

And when Anderson was questioned about that incident, he too acknowledged seeing it happen and hinted that it may have had an influence on Cobb’s approach to the second-half.

“They wanted the ruck quicker, hence why the penalties came around the ruck. You can read into that however you want, but I’ve just told you haven’t I?

Bateman Wigan
Anderson wasn’t pleased after John Bateman approached the referee at half-time.

“It’s probably going to cop me some fines in the media because I’m absolutely filthy that the game changed like that and not by anything of our own doing. I think he was influenced in some ways and I want an explanation on that which is for me and The RFL to talk about.

“I think it was a seven or eight to one penalty count in the second-half, which I’d like some explanation on. I’d also like some explanation on what changed the referee’s opinion to make the game go that way.


“All I want to know is very simple, which is what was different between the first-half and the second-half and what has happened to the referee at half-time which has changed his opinion on how the game should be played and what the Giants are doing differently to Wigan.”

Despite his frustrations with the official, Anderson was keen to praise his team’s defensive efforts.

“There are reasons why we came up short,” he said.

“The sheer weight of possession was one of them. Wigan had enough possession to win 20 games, never mind the one they won tonight. To only win it the way they did is credit to us and our boys who were out there tonight.

“We have to take a lot of pride and positives from what we’ve dished up here,” he said. “I can feel and sense that we’re finally getting into our groove.”