Australian side back down over bizarre situation concerning Frank-Paul Nuuausala

It was one of the more bizarre transfer sagas of recent weeks.

Wigan were adamant that prop Frank-Paul Nuuausala was going nowhere. Australian side Western Suburbs Rosellas said he would be leaving the Warriors to start a contract with them imminently.

And now, it appears the Australian club has stepped back and backed down – with their coach admitting a confusing situation has left them accepting he will stay with the Super League in 2018.

Nuuausala’s agent, Steve Gillis, told the Newcastle Herald someone had ‘their wires crossed’ by it all.

He said: “I’m not sure how this stuff with Wests in Newcastle has come up but I’d say someone has their wires crossed.”

Rosellas coach Matt Lantry told the Newcastle Herald in Australia that they were bemused by the whole situation – and said while they’d love to sign the prop in the future, they respect his contractual situation with Wigan.

“The whole thing has probably become a little bit confusing from our point of view but at the end of the day, we appreciate and respect the fact that he is contracted to Wigan,” he told the Newcastle Herald.

“If nothing changes in that regard than of course, we won’t be pursuing it. We would certainly look at revisiting it at the end of his contract if Frank wants to continue his career.”