Beaumont fined by the RFL

Leigh Centurions owner Derek Beaumont has been fined £2000 and warned about his future conduct following comments he made after the Betfred Super League Round 16 game against Castleford Tigers.

Beaumont was found to have breached RFL Operational Rule D1.1 (b) Improper Conduct (engages in conduct which is prejudicial to the interests of the Game or which is improper); Operational Rule C2.12 Criticism of Official (make any public statement written which contains criticism of the character of a Match Official or criticism of the manner in which a Match Official had officiated at a Match) and Operational Rule C2.10 Behaviour Standards (no Director of a Club or other senior personnel shall act in a manner unbefitting of the position which they hold).

He was critical of referee Chris Kendall following the game against Castleford, a fixture in which they had three tries disallowed and subsequently lost 38-0.

“We need to stand up as a sport and talk about it because it’s making our game look a laughing stock,” he said at the time.

“It’s a joke shop. It’s incompetent and it’s not good enough.

“You talk to every owner and coach and they can’t say anything because they’re scared of getting fined. I don’t care about getting fined, I really genuinely don’t.”

Beaumont has 14 days to appeal.