Bradford to offer free season tickets for 2018: if they are promoted

Bradford Bulls have revealed their innovative plans for season tickets in 2017: with the club promising FREE memberships for 2018 to anyone who buys this year – so long as the Bulls are promoted to Super League.

The Bulls, who were the Championship Shield winners this year after missing out on the top four in the second tier, have also reduced membership prices across the board by five per cent.

However, it is their promise for 2018 which is most eye-catching; with the Bulls insisting that anyone who buys a membership for next year will be given one completely free of charge if they are back in Super League the following season.

Should they miss out, then 2017 members will still be given a fifth off their membership for 2018 despite the failure to secure promotion.

“I am pleased to announce the offer for your 2017 membership,” said Bradford chairman Marc Green. “As a thank you for your support in 2016, we’re reducing every membership price by five per cent. In business I believe in rewarding success and dare I say it, penalising failure.

“As a result, to demonstrate our commitment to promotion in 2017, if we don’t make it you will be guaranteed 20 per cent off your membership.

“Come with us on the journey and if we achieve our goal and are promoted, as a thank you for sticking with us and renewing – in partnership with Provident – for our first season back in Super League, your membership will be completely free.”