Briers blasts Super League’s shortsighted approach

Former Warrington and Great Britain halfback Lee Briers has voiced his dismay at a lack of care for the future of the sport following the recent salary cap changes.

Briers, the current England Academy head coach, spoke exclusively to League Express to reveal his frustration after the majority of clubs voted in favour of raising the salary cap while many clubs refuse to invest in their youth systems.

He didn’t hold back as expressed his concern that the sport will regress as a result of last week’s decision.

“My issue is that there are four reserve grade sides in Super League,” he told League Express.

“There’s been opposition to reserve grade because of the cost. But if you can afford the cap, why not reserves?

“I’ve got no issue with the marquee player, I think that’s great.

“But where are our next marquee players from? Where are the next juniors in this country coming from? Because currently, if they’re not good enough, at 19 they’re thrown on the scrap heap.

“I don’t know where the game is going.”

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