Bulls’ new pre-season model will bear fruit, says Pitts

Bradford forward Jay Pitts believes an “innovative” approach to pre-season training will pay dividends for the Bulls in 2015.

The 24-year-old says the schedule being developed by head coach James Lowes, which sees players report back for the start of training as early as next week before enjoying regular breaks leading up to the start of the new season, is going to provide a major boost.

“This kind of schedule is not something I have ever seen before, but firmly believe it will benefit us as a group,” he said.

“It is very different but we are heading into the unknown ourselves, so the thinking behind it is simple.

“When you have six to eight weeks off, which is the norm, it is very easy to lose your sharpness and fitness. With that in mind, the structured new programme will help us in maintaining those key attributes.

“It gives us the opportunity to carry on from where we left off and use that momentum to improve further, with a bunch of exciting players coming on board.

“Everyone is hungry and everyone is looking forward to pre-season training getting underway.

“I for one firmly believe the work being put in by Jimmy (Lowes) and his backroom team is going to bear fruit for us next year – big time.”