I can learn from Clark, says Warrington Wolves’ Higham

It’s often noted that professional sportsmen never stop learning, and that seems to be the attitude Micky Higham is taking regarding Warrington Wolves’ new signing Daryl Clark.

At the age of 33, Higham is very much in the latter years of his career – unlike 21-year-old Clark, who was announced as a Warrington player yesterday, signing a four-year deal with the club.

However, the hooker insists he will be able to learn new things from the livewire rake when he joins the Wolves next year – as well as hoping he can impart some of his wisdom and experience on the career of Clark.

“Getting older you have to adjust your game a little bit,” he added. “There are a few things he could still work on but a few things I could pick up from him as well.

“I can’t wait to start working with him. It should be exciting and will hopefully help give us that step up to improve again.

“I’ve spoken to him and he’s a pretty level-headed kid, really down to earth. I’ll grab him and ask if there’s anything he wants to look at and I’ll be asking him for some help as well. I’ll make it quite clear anything he wants to work on I can do with him, like I have with Brad Dwyer before.

“He’ll really develop us as a team and help us go forward. I can’t wait for him to get cracking with us.”