Carter grits his teeth at Wakefield

Wakefield Trinity are being hit by a series of hammer blows, according to their owner, Michael Carter.

But he has insisted the club will do whatever is necessary for the good of the game to ensure it survives.

Having been called in to play Catalans at short notice earlier this month, and subsequently being beaten by the Dragons 58-0, Trinity had to stand several members of their squad down last week due to Track and Trace identifying a series of individuals who came into close contact with the Catalans players who tested positive for Covid-19.

But Carter has suggested the prospect of Trinity appealing for postponements is out of the question, as the priority for him and the sport is making sure the broadcast deal with Sky is fulfilled, whatever cost that may carry for Wakefield on the field.

“We seem to be getting hit by sledgehammer after sledgehammer,” Carter told League Express.

“With a number of our players having to stand down, and lots of other things going against us, it does feel like the Gods are siding against us.

“But for the good of the club, and perhaps more importantly, the good of the whole game, we’re carrying on. We want people to understand that we’re in a tough hole internally, but the future of the sport should be everyone’s priority right now. There is a bigger picture.”

Carter continued: “We have to do everything we can to make sure the sport survives this year and has the best chance possible of bouncing back in 2021. I was led to believe that if four or more players were affected by this then you could request a postponement, but nobody has even considered that.”

Among the players who have been stood down are forward David Fifita, who the club revealed last week has repeatedly refused to wear a GPS vest, even taking it off at half-time during the recent cup tie against Catalans. GPS vests are seen as a crucial component of the Track and Trace procedure.

“It’s right for the game, but also right internally,” Carter said of the decision to stand Fifita down for the foreseeable future.

“I’ve got to protect the health and wellbeing of the other players and staff, and everyone within our bubble at Wakefield Trinity. You have to err on the side of caution to benefit the sport long-term and nobody can question Wakefield Trinity’s commitment to that cause.”

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