Castleford Tigers’ IMG score remains unchanged as RFL explains reasons

CASTLEFORD TIGERS have been informed that their indicative grading score for 2024 will not be reconsidered.

The club requested an exemption to resubmit their Data Capture Form, having discovered after their initial submission that it had not contained the correct data. While sympathetic to their position and recognising that the resubmission would lead to an increase in the club’s indicative grading score, the RFL Board have ruled that it would be unfair to other clubs – several of whom have also sought unsuccessfully to have data submitted after the deadline considered – to make changes after the indicative gradings have been published.

This was one of the reasons the indicative grading process has been run in 2023 – as a dry run, with no bearing on teams’ positions for the 2024 season, but to give all clubs a clear idea of where they stand, and where they need to improve.

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