Castleford Tigers seemingly given financial boost with “significant control” taken by owner of Ergo Real Estate

CASTLEFORD TIGERS have seemingly been given a financial boost with “significant control” taken by the owner of Ergo Real Estate, Mr Martin Clive Jepson.

Looking on Companies House, a ‘Notice of Individual Person with Significant Control’ has been handed out in Jepson’s name for the Company Name: ‘Castleford Rugby League Football Club Limited’.

That notice was filed yesterday on Companies House, with Jepson taking more than 25 per cent of shares at Castleford, but not more than 50 per cent.

With headquarters in London, Ergo Real Estate describes itself as: “a UK asset management and investment company operating in the real estate sector” that has developed or managed well over 10 million sq ft of prime real estate.”

The company specialises “in the opportunistic and value add sectors and our Joint Venture with NFUM, Aver Property LP, targets total investment of £300 million”.

Ergo Real Estate is now five years old having been established back in November 2018 and is number one ranked Fund Manager in the MSCI Index 2021 and 2022.

Castleford have been actively looking for new investment in 2023 with the club, during last season, revealing that there had been interested parties.

At the time, managing director Mark Grattan said: “We started off and broke cover and said we had a couple of people that wanted to buy the club. Bizarrely another couple of of people have come forward from that whilst the initial two have dropped by the wayside. We don’t know much about one of them, the other one we know a little bit about but I don’t think it will amount to much,” Grattan told The COYFcast podcast.

“It’s difficult, you’ve got to be honest with people. When you say to someone ‘do you want to buy this club?’ you’re not buying this club and automatically going to be at the top. They want to be challenging for trophies and walking out at Wembley, so it’s difficult because you have to be honest.

“We have scared a couple of people off with our honesty but we have always said we would walk away tomorrow when the right people come in.”

“We have one in the pipeline that might amount to something, we have a few individuals that potentially want to come onboard and put money into the club and join the board of directors.”

Perhaps Jepson and Ergo Real Estate were the ones in the pipeline.

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