Championship club’s chief executive reveals reasons behind voting for broadcast deal

TOULOUSE OLYMPIQUE chief executive Cedric Garcia has explained his reasoning behind the club’s decision to support the Championship broadcast deal laid on the table for second-tier sides yesterday.

The Championship clubs were almost split in half with those in support and those against having every game of the 2024 season broadcast live – and Toulouse were one of those that gave the green light to the plans.

Now Garcia has told League Express why they voted in favour.

“Of course we voted in favour of the broadcast deal. To have all the games shown live would be a huge step forward,” Garcia told League Express.

“We believe this game is the best and we need as many eye balls as possible to see it. It will help to develop our fan base and increase the number of kids who want to play.

“Commercially, it’s a way to develop some new sponsorship assets and revenues. All clubs will have to work hard to insure that their home games look good.

“The sport has to make some changes and TV is key.”

Unfortunately for Garcia, he and a number of other clubs did not get their way and though the final decision on the broadcast deal will be made by the RL Commercial Board, it now appears highly unlikely that the Championship broadcast deal will be signed off for 2024.

That being said, there is the hope at Toulouse that all their home games could be broadcast by Super League’s new streaming service, Super League Plus.

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