Championship news: Swinton debt revealed

Swinton Lions have debts of over £100,000, a series of meetings last week revealed.
The club’s Supporters’ Trust held an open meeting for fans last Monday night during which a series of figures were revealed.
Among those was a £17,000 debt to HMRC that is the subject of a winding-up order for January.
However, the club also has several other debts, leading to the possibility of administration and a nine-point deduction next season.
A statement issued by the Trust said: “At Monday night’s open meeting, the Trust confirmed the debt that is the subject of the winding-up petition brought by HMRC is £17,000.
“However, there other debts believed to total over £100,000. The Trust has asked the club to consider a CVA, as this is favoured by the RFL and wouldn’t put the club’s licence at risk.
“In a meeting last Friday with Martin Vickers, the CEO of Salford Red Devils, it was confirmed that Dr Marwan Koukash is the potential takeover party.
“His proposals do include developments in Swinton town centre, including building a stadium, and this is under discussions with the Council.”
The Trust was set for further meetings with both the club and City Mayor Ian Stewart, while supporters have set up an online petition to push for a stadium in the town.
Details of the petition – which already has over 1,000 signatures – can be found at