Omar Khan still owns Bradford Bulls

Bradford Bulls have revealed that Omar Khan is still the club’s owner, though work is going on behind the scenes to transfer all the shares.

As things stand, Mark Moore, Ian Watt and Andrew Calvert do not own all of the shares in ‘OK Bulls’, but they were clear that the process was ongoing.

“The club is still owned by Omar Khan and discussions to resolve the issue surrounding the club’s shares are ongoing,” said the West Yorkshire side in a statement.

“Mr Khan has publicly stated that he does not wish to take legal action against Bradford Bulls. The matter, as has been recently reported, is between individuals.

“The whole situation has been repeatedly explained, both to our sponsors, our supporters and members of the media.

“We are working tirelessly to secure a solid, long-term future for this great club and everyone involved here is totally committed to the cause.

“Supporters will agree our time is best spent attempting to ensure we survive the 2014 campaign and build for a successful future.

“When we are in a position to update our supporters, with regards to the transfer of shares and the ownership of Bradford Bulls, a statement will be made.”