Championship reorganisation shelved

A proposal to restructure the Championship and League 1 has been shelved.

League Express revealed several weeks ago that a proposal to amalgamate the two competitions had been tabled, and had strong support from clubs in League 1.

But some of the Championship’s top clubs dismissed the idea, while others were keen to have more time to consider it.

As a result, conversations to implement the structure have been put on the back burner, though they may be discussed in further detail next year.

The proposal would have seen a 24-team competition comprising two conferences, East and West.

The top four from each conference would enter an eight-team NRL style play-off series, with promotion for the winner.

League 1 will have just ten teams in its competition next year, with Ottawa’s entry deferred due to the Covid-19 pandemic and one of the existing eleven clubs taking a place in the Championship that will be left vacant due to one club being promoted to Super League.

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