Channel 4’s Head of Sport hints at return to rugby league TV coverage

THE future of Channel 4 coverage in rugby league is not over, according to the broadcaster’s Head of Sport.

Pete Andrews, who spearheaded Channel 4’s successful involvement into the Super League competition, has explained that the terrestrial giant are interested in returning to the sport in the near future.

This comes after Channel 4 lost Super League broadcasting free-to-air rights to the BBC, which signed a three-year deal with the sport.

“I think there’s a chance we could come back. We would never say never and we would be looking at everything but it was certainly something we enjoyed doing,” Andrews told League Express.

“We know there is a deal that has been done for a certain length of time and time does pass and things do change but absolutely, we would be interested.

“We had a really positive experience and we were pleased and proud to be involved and we apologise for not being involved still.

“We would definitely look at it in the future. I don’t like to give anything away but we do look at everything.”

So why is Channel 4 limited when compared to the BBC? Andrews pointed to advertising and income.

“There is no denying that it is a hard time for Channel 4 because the way in which our advertisements are funded.

“The cost of living crisis hits advertising and that directly hits our revenue so at the moment it’s hard to match a company that has a license fee with a fixed income.

“Our income goes up and down and at the moment it is definitely down and that is just a fact of life. At Channel 4 it’s something we have to cope with.

“When things are good, they are good but when things are bad, they are bad. Timing is quite key for us but at the moment it is hard because we are not flush with cash.”

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