Chester realistic over 2021 plans

Wakefield Trinity coach Chris Chester says the club’s budget for next year could effectively put the club back three years, but he insists that past experience and a crop of talented youngsters can offset the issue.

Clubs across Super League are expected to cut back their spending for next season after the financial difficulties of this year’s Covid-19 disrupted campaign.

Chester is keen to add a quality halfback to his squad with Danny Brough having left for Bradford, but he understands the restrictions that will be in place.

Chester explained: “It’s going to have an effect on every club in Super League.

“We will lose a substantial amount of money but we’re not quite sure what that final figure’s going to be.

“I’ll be given a budget and that’s what we’ve got to try and work with.

“It’s probably a budget that we had three years ago, but in the current climate it’s difficult and there are no revenue streams coming into the club at the moment.

“We haven’t got a sugar daddy here that’s just going to come in and wipe those debts off so we’ve got to find it in other ways.

“Our biggest outgoing is obviously the salary cap, so it’s obviously going to hurt us in terms of recruitment.

“But we’re used to it. We always seem to be behind the eight ball at the back end of the year and in pre-season and we’re always waiting until that right person comes along.

“But we’ve seen in recent weeks there are some good people and bargains about, and if Eddie (recent loan signing Eddie Battye) becomes available that would be a great fit.

“If Innes Senior becomes available then great, but we have to wait and see.

“We know where we need to strengthen. We are very light in that halfback position and we are looking at an organiser to get us around the park.

“If that doesn’t happen then we’ve got some work to do with the guys we’ve got in place now.”

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