Chris Chester bemoans latest Wakefield performance

Chris Chester refused to defend his players after they suffered their latest defeat at the hands of Huddersfield.

Wakefield, who are now bottom of Super League and have lost 20 of their last 25 games in the competition, were well beaten by Huddersfield, who came into the game off five straight defeats.

It was another disappointing performance and Chester said: “Same rubbish, different week.

“It’s not good enough, not acceptable. We’re just not seeing enough fight from the players and obviously something has got to change. We’re just in a bit of a rut at the moment. Just really disappointed with some individuals tonight, I’ve seen some individuals jump out of the way of tackles which is a new one for me

“We started the game pretty strong, again – the first 15-16 minutes, then we get to that 16th minute mark and we just implode, either through a poor kicking game, poor execution or some blatant one-on-one missed tackles. It’s just really frustrating.

“This is the hardest six-seven weeks that I’ve had as a coach and things don’t look to be changing any time soon. It’s just so frustrating because there’s a decent team in there and it all boils down to attitude and we’re just miles off, honestly, we just seem further and further away from the rest of the competition at the minute.”

It was another poor offensive display and Chester added: “We’ve missed an organiser probably since Liam Finn left a few years ago.

“There’s just not a great deal out there to be honest. It’s just a patient game, we’ve got to wait and be cute with the money we have to spend. We had a team tonight that was more than capable and two more than capable halves that could and should have got us round the field tonight and that wasn’t the case. We’ve just got to remember that there’s a kid there that’s 19 and also a guy that’s a halfback that’s a fullback. It’s challenging in that respect but we spoke all week about resilience and toughness and all those trigger words but there was no toughness and certainly no resilience.

“It’s tough, I’m not going to sit here and say all things are rosy. We’ve had a real challenging five six-weeks with the Covid and having to stand players down. For other reasons it’s really disappointing. You live and breath this game, I’m a proud Wakefield man and I’m proud to coach this team but it’s very challenging at the moment and I’m finding it tough at the moment to be honest.”