Luke Robinson keen to land Huddersfield Giants coaching role

Luke Robinson has thrown his hat in the ring for the vacant Huddersfield Giants head coaching role.

Robinson was placed in caretaker charge after Simon Woolford’s sudden departure and steered the Giants to a 29-6 victory over Wakefield.

It was Huddersfield’s first win post-lockdown and following the victory, Robinson said he would love to secure the role on a permanent basis.

“Everyone’s got aspirations to be a head coach and I’m just like everybody else,” he said.

“I do understand that I’ve probably escalated the coaching ladder a bit quicker than some but I’m not going to lie, I do believe in myself, I know I’m a good coach and it’s something that was made for me. It’s something I’ve always had an eye on. It’s something I did from 21 at Salford when I was coaching Siddal first team.

“Obviously I’d like to do it, whether it happens here at the end of my short tenure here, that’s yet to be decided. But my firm focus is getting us playing the type of rugby we were pre-lockdown. I believe in the players, honestly I do.

“I think they’re an incredible group of people and second to that really good players. We showed before lockdown we can compete with the big boys.”