Clubs to meet RLPA to discuss wage cuts

The GMB will continue discussions with clubs this week about the potential for pay cuts for the 2021 season.

A number of clubs, and in particular Super League’s four West Yorkshire clubs, are keen to continue discussions about wage reductions next season.

Wage reductions in the region of 15 per cent have been discussed, though a majority of players are believed to be strongly opposed to accepting any cuts next season.

Clubs are continuing in their attempts to cut costs, though there will be no salary cap reduction.
But some clubs still believe they need to reduce wages and are therefore trying to discuss terms through the GMB, which most players belong to through their membership of the Rugby League Players’ Association (RLPA).

But with the majority of their members against the proposals, and players even hoping reductions will cease one the season restarts, there is clearly an issue to work out.

League Express understands that a number of players, including all the members from one team, are preparing to declare they will not accept any wage reductions beyond the end of the season.

Talks will continue on Monday with RLPA head Garreth Carvell (pictured) and GMB official Pete Davis representing the players.

Carvell has openly said he is willing to discuss cuts with clubs but stressed that he has not agreed to anything.

Meanwhile, it’s understood more club representation will be present in all talks with Carvell moving forward.

Leeds’ Gary Hetherington and Castleford’s Managing Director, Mark Grattan, have been the lead in talks between Super League and Carvell. However, more are expected to join that table in future meetings.