Crunch vote ahead on IMG proposals as ‘reimagining Rugby League’ begins

This week IMG are expected to put their proposals for the future of the game to clubs to vote.

It is now more than five months since the global sports and media company agreed a twelve-year partnership with the RFL and Super League as a strategic partner.

Since then, IMG have been undergoing a ‘reimagining Rugby League’ consultation, hearing the views of stakeholders across the game, including clubs, players, coaches, media, partners and supporters, to gain a full view before making proposals for change.

Their plans will be put to the RFL and are then set to be voted on this Wednesday, September 28, by clubs across Super League, the Championship and League One.

They will then front the media to explain what has been agreed.

IMG have been given the opportunity to explore a wide range of ideas, but the biggest controversy is likely to be around the future league structure.

A switch to a ’10+10′ league structure, with two tiers of ten clubs each at the top of the game, has been among the concepts heavily mooted, along with a return of licensing in place of promotion and relegation in the elite division.

Any such major changes would be implemented from the 2024 season, with this year’s structure to be retained in 2023, though their plans would determine the promotion and relegation stakes next year.

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