Cunningham calls for tackle ban after Percival injury

Keiron Cunningham has pleaded with the RFL to ban the type of tackle that has ruled out centre Mark Percival for at least twelve weeks.

Percival has suffered medial ligament damage following a tackle by Salford player Adam Walne in Thursday’s shock defeat to the Red Devils.

Following a similar tackle by Hull KR hooker John Boudebza that ruled Castleford captain Michael Shenton out for the season, Cunningham believes the governing body must take action.

“The news on Mark really isn’t good; he’s in a bad spot at the moment and we’re not going to see him for a long time now,” Cunningham told The Guardian.

“Through one of these silly tackles we see happening too often in the game, he’s out for three months at least – it’ll be a while.

“This lies in the hands of the RFL now because in the space of two weeks we’ve seen two virtual season-ending injuries after Shenton’s. The game has got to outlaw them.

“The adding of the weight where the players swing round the back, they’re the ones that get players badly injured. Unless we ban them as a game then you’re going to see more and more of these injuries occur. It was an accident but if players know it’s not allowed then I think there would be much less of it happening.”