Cunningham not losing sleep over Leeds result

Keiron Cunningham

St Helens coach Keiron Cunningham has insisted the club weren’t far away despite a heavy defeat against Leeds – and says he won’t lose any sleep over the result.

The 41-16 loss against the Rhinos was the defending champions’ fourth defeat in their last five games, and with a game against Widnes on the horizon on Friday night, Cunningham has called for calm, saying his side were more unfortunate against the Rhinos as opposed to anything else.

He told the St Helens Reporter: “We weren’t far short against Leeds so I’m not going to suffer any sleepless nights about it. If I think my players deserve to be criticised then I’ll criticise them – but I honestly don’t.

“I just thought we were unfortunate. Leeds had their fair share of luck. Even at half-time I thought we had a chance because we knew there were plenty of points in the game.”