Cup win one of JJB’s career highlights

Jamie Jones-Buchanan admits Saturday’s Challenge Cup final victory against Leeds is one of the highlights of his career – and it’s all the sweeter because of the six defeats he’s had to endure before it.

Jones-Buchanan admitted that as a Leeds fan it’s even more enjoyable – and reflected on those previous defeats and how it made this win all the more special. He also touched on what he described as one of the “darkest” years of his life because of a huge spate of injuries, but said the victory was all about trust.

“It’s right up there with the best feelings I’ve ever had in my career and it’s been worth every second of it,” Jones-Buchanan said.

“In 2004, going from being a Leeds supporter on the South Stand, to coming through with a special group of people and winning that first Grand Final in 2004 – there’s a sense of irony there that’s its 10 years later we win the first Challenge Cup.
“It makes it sweeter that we’ve been here so man times before and lost. I was laughing in the shower the other day about Wigan when they won it eight or nine times on the trot and thought, ‘Wow, it must’ve got easy or the novelty must have won off for them guys.’
“Personally, it’s been one of the darkest years of my life in terms of injuries but the lesson today is persistence personified with this group of people.
“The one word you need to use is trust – trust your team-mates, trust what you believe in and trust the coach and you’ll get the job done.”