Dane Chisholm reveals Featherstone Rovers payment as he takes parting shot at RFL

FORMER Featherstone Rovers playmaker Dane Chisholm has revealed that he has been paid what he is owed by the Championship club.

Chisholm was one of a number of players that took to social media to explain that he was owed payment by Rovers, with Craig Hall also taking aim at the club on X.

In recent months, the two parties had been in conversation about the payment with Chisholm finally confirming that the matter is now settled.

The former Bradford Bulls and Keighley Cougars halfback also sent out a parting shot to the RFL, asking for the governing body to ‘better support’ players.

Chisholm posted on X: “Big thank you everyone who supported me the last few months. Fev and I have settled & money has been sent. Excited to go back to supporting Featherstone and the @SuperLeague from here in Aus. @rfl…be better at supporting your players so things like this don’t happen so often.”

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