Daryl Powell calls for changes to recruitment window

Daryl Powell says the date for the transfer market to open needs to be delayed.

On May 1st, players out of contract at the end of the season are free to speak to other clubs.

However, with play unlikely to resume by then, an unclear financial outlook for clubs and numerous other issues to contend with between now and that date, the Castleford head coach believes it has to be moved back.

“They’ll have to change it,” he said.

“It would be crazy to leave that in place. That will change. At the moment you’re probably going to have four or five plans in place depending on what happens, which is difficult.”

On his club’s own recruitment prospects ahead of 2021, Powell admitted the club had already identified several targets, but the ongoing uncertainty may dictate their ability to spend.

“I think we’ve got a pretty stable squad,” he said.

“We’ve a couple of key ones, from a fullback perspective Jordan Rankin is with us at the moment, that’s a complex situation, he’s contracted to us and on loan with Joe Wardle the other way, but everything from a recruitment points gets put on the shelf.

“We’ve irons in the fire, but they just get left. You’re communicating but you only have to look at what clubs are having to go through financially to see there is a problem. There’s clearly going to be a change to what you can pay players.”

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