Ian Watson on importance of improving Salford’s crowds

Ian Watson has called on distant Salford supporters to help the club spend up to salary cap.

The Red Devils are looking to bolster their crowds up to 5,000, which would allow them to spend up to the Super League salary cap.

Director Paul King confirmed that if they could average that figure over a full season, they would have the finances to compete financially with the rest of the league.

As it stands, Salford are averaging around 4,300 this year, meaning they aren’t quite where they need to be.

Watson, who guided Salford to a Grand Final last year, believes the key is luring supporters who keep in touch from afar to the ground moving forward.

“Every little one counts,” he said.

“As a club, we’re really appreciative of people who constantly come and support the team, through good or bad times. What we want is some of the other guys to come back in the fold to push the numbers up. People who comment on social media as an example, we want them to support their club and give us a package to compete with the top-end teams.”