DEBATE: Justin Carney for England?

Although there have been a fair few big Rugby League stories this week, the one that seems to have got our readers talking more than anything is the news that Justin Carney has declared his interest in playing for England (to read our initial story, click here).

With England not exactly short of wingers and Carney’s impressive form since joining the Tigers, it seems to have created a firm rift among Rugby League fans regarding whether he should be considered.

So we’ve looked at both sides of the argument and now we’re throwing it open to you – should Justin Carney play for England?

Yes, pick Carney

Carney’s form since coming to England has been sensational, of that there can be no question. He’s established a reputation as one of the most revered wingers in the country, and that alone should see him in contention. The winger has spoken positively about representing England, and if we’re going to consider the likes of Rangi Chase and, potentially in the future, Trent Hodkinson, then why not Carney? England should be interested in picking the very best players so long as they qualify, and Carney would certainly add an element of excitement and fear into the side should he be selected.

No, don’t pick Carney

Ryan Hall, Joe Burgess, Josh Charnley, Tom Briscoe, Tommy Makinson.

England have enough quality wingers at their disposal to pick from – they don’t need to add an Australian into the mix.

The ‘three-year residency rule’ isn’t great to start with, and by picking someone like Carney over a young, talented English winger would be a massive kick in the teeth for the lads who’ve dreamt of playing for England all their lives.

Carney is a very good player – of that there can be no question – but right now, he’s not playing in a position that England particularly crave.