Duffy discusses Swinton’s Moimoi interest

Swinton Lions head coach John Duffy has broken his silence over his club’s unsuccessful attempt to sign Fuifui Moimoi.

The Lions made an audacious bid to lure the iconic forward to the club, only for the former Leigh man to join Canadian club Toronto Wolfpack.

Moimoi, 37, had tentative talks with the Lions, but they are now waiting to make their next move now that the New Zealand international is off their wishlist.

“We did have contact from Fui,” Duffy said.

“It didn’t go much further than that, but we certainly had contact with him.”

“We’re okay though and I’m going to leave it until after Christmas, but someone of Fui’s experience would have added to us. If you look at the squad, we’re still pretty young even though we have added some signings, so we’re looking for experience.

“We may look for a leader. I’m looking to see how the squad goes over the next few weeks.

“We’ll look at everyone who becomes available, but I want to see how our own lads go first.”

Despite being unable to sign Moimoi, Duffy is still pleased with the business he has been able to do so far. The club has signed Super League back row duo Matt Sarsfield and Olly Davies, who head an impressive list of signings.

“We’ve done really well,” added Duffy.

“We’ve worked hard, even though it was tough, as I and two other staff were on the Four Nations coaching staff, so we were nipping out to get stuff done.

“But we’re very happy with the quality we’ve got.

“We had a good meeting with the board, and because we stayed in the division the Chairman has done what he said he would do and has allowed us to go for it.”

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