England group rivals Greece will not pay players for their involvement in the Rugby League World Cup

England group rivals, Greece, will not be paying their players for their involvement in the Rugby League World Cup.

That’s because the Greek staff and players will instead reinvest their pay into the Greek Rugby League Federation.

It’s a brilliant story considering that rugby league was something which was banned in the European nation up until a few months ago whilst most of Greece’s players will be made up of part-time footballers and workers.

“All the players have decided to forego their money to help the federation,” head coach Steve Georgallis told AAP.

“It’s actually costing a lot of the guys to play but they understand what we are trying to achieve.

“Even the professional guys like Lachlan Ilias and Peter Mamouzelos (Rabbitohs), you’d think they would get paid but they said ‘no, we get what you’re trying to build’.”

Georgallis also wants the World Cup to act as a springboard for Greek rugby league going forward.

“Now it’s legal, we can get into schools and not have the fear of not being able to do things,” Georgallis said.

“We are hoping that it’ll go to another level after this.”

Greece’s World Cup campaign begins on Tuesday as the European minnows take on France before clashes against England and Samoa complete their group games.

Greece’s squad:

Jordan Meads (C)
Lachlan Ilias
Stefanos Bastas
Nikoloas Bosmos
Terry Constantinou
Jake Kambos
John Mitsias
Nick Mougios
Rob Tuliatu
Sebastian Sell
Chaise Robinson
Kosta Katsidonis
Mitchell Zampetides
Greg Koutsimporgiorgos
Theodoros Nianiakas
Billy Tsikrikas
Adam Vrahnos
Aris Dardamanis
Peter Mamouzelos
Liam Sue-Tin
Nick Flocas
Ioannis Rousoglou
Ioannis Nake
Billy Magoulias
Myles Gal

Coach: Steve Georgallis