England international and Sydney Roosters star Dom Young pulled over by police for bizarre reason

ENGLAND international and NRL star Dom Young was pulled over by police last week for a bizarre reason.

That reason was for an outstanding ambulance bill, with the fleet-footed winger reportedly being pulled over by police in the Sydney beachside suburb of Maroubra.

The ambulance bill was handed out to Young after the winger was taken to hospital following a Roosters trial match against the Manly Sea Eagles in pre-season in February after being the victim of a crusher tackle.

Manly prop Toafofoa Sipley received a three-match ban for the incident, but that didn’t stop Young being handed a bill.

In New South Wales, residents receive a 49 per cent subsidy but they are still required to pay 51 per cent of the cost when they need an ambulance.

Young believed that the bill had been sent to the Roosters, not himself, hence why he was stopped by police.

Now the Sydney club will foot the bill.

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