England should play the Knights, says Schofield

Former Great Britain captain Garry Schofield believes a match between the England national team and the second-string Knights is the best solution for a mid-season representative fixture.

Writing in his ‘Pulling No Punches’ column in this week’s League Express, the 49-year-old said he feels strongly there should be at least one test during the campaign similar to State of Origin, where those in action are effectively playing to represent their country.

“I’d love to see England take on the England Knights at some point during the Super League season,” he said.

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“The idea of a group of lads on the verge of international selection being given the chance to knock seven bells out of the incumbents is well and truly mouthwatering.”

Schofield also selected two 17-man squads for the proposed fixture, sans, of course, players based in Australia.

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