England v New Zealand, Rugby League World Cup 2013 semi-final

Now we don’t want to spoil your Christmas, but we just had to share this video from the semi final of the 2013 World Cup, when England were cruelly pipped to the post by New Zealand.

It could have been the start of a Rugby League revolution in the UK and up until the dying seconds we all still had hope. Yet a stunning Shaun Johnson step spoiled all that.

Instead of watching the following video with sadness, think of the positives. Look how well England played and see how unlucky they were to not come out on top.

We all know England would have given the Aussies a better game than the Kiwis did in the final, and it’s fair to say there are big things to come from England in 2014. So if this is the last thing Rugby League-related you watch in 2013, make sure you watch it with pride and hope for the new year.

Have a fantastic Christmas.