Evalds keen for World Club series opportunity

Salford fullback Niall Evalds is keen to see a return of the World Club Series, and the Red Devils to take the grandest stage.

Evalds and co were defeated in the Grand Final by St Helens in what was the club’s first appearance at Old Trafford.

Having now experienced the top stage, Evalds wants another crack at it, and the Australians, should the opportunity present itself.

The World Club Series resorted back to the traditional World Club Challenge back in 2018, however there has been talk Canberra, the NRL Grand Finalists, would be keen to play a game in England next year.

“You always want to test yourself against the best,” Evalds said.

“To play on the big stage tonight, my first Grand Final, it gives you a taste you want more of. To play against the Aussie teams is something we’d all be excited for, but we’ll see what happens there.”