Ex-Hull KR and Hull FC man opens up on injury horror and why he made the surprise move from Canberra Raiders to Parramatta Eels

FORMER Hull KR and Hull FC man Josh Hodgson has opened up on his injury horrors and why he made the move from the Canberra Raiders to the Parramatta Eels.

An absolute stalwart of the capital club, the hooker appeared destined to retire with the Raiders, but Hodgson has described the hunger within him as being greater than the one to retire.

“The easy road would’ve been to retire,” Hodgson told the Daily Telegraph.

“At 33 after my third knee people would’ve pulled the pin, getting a pay out to sit on the beach and drink a beer instead of working your arse off.

“I want to win. A person that has that hunger is more dangerous than someone who wants to take the easy way out.”

Although a legend at Canberra, Hodgson feels like his time was up in 2022 and that a move to Parramatta would freshen things up.

“I was in a position where I felt like the next wave of kids were coming through at Canberra,” Hodgson said. “I love the club and didn’t want to leave them in the lurch but I felt like they were in good hands.

“In 2021 I felt I was playing good footy but I was playing 60 minutes at loose forward after starting the game at nine. I didn’t want to transition into a loose forward. I wanted to be one of the best nines in the game and I was seeking out a challenge to do that.

“I can help Parramatta in the middle. I loved working with big middles like Josh Papalii, Joe Tapine and Shannon Boyd. People like that are good to play off your hip.”

With the horrendous ACL injury, Parramatta boss Brad Arthur checked in on Hodgson’s welfare and the hooker praised both Parramatta and Canberra in their help with his rehab.

“Brad got in touch to check in on me and to see how I was going,” Hodgson. “The Eels were really good.

“Canberra really looked after me. I could’ve kicked stones and moped around knowing I was leaving but I loved the club and I really wanted them to go all the way and I wanted to help in any capacity.

“Sometimes that was catching the ball for extras or having my say in the game plan. It was a long and frustrating year.”