Ex-Super League prop Keith Mason sacked as parliamentary candidate

FORMER Super League prop Keith Mason has been sacked as a parliamentary candidate for the Workers Party of Great Britain in Wakefield and Rothwell at the upcoming General Election.

The election, which will take place on 4 July, has been hotly-anticipated following 14 years of Conservative Party rule and Mason had initially outlined his desire to represent George Galloway’s party.

The Workers Party of Great Britain is currently led by Galloway, who was elected as Member of Parliament for Rochdale earlier this year in a by-election.

However, Galloway took to X to reveal that Mason had been stood down for alleged “anti-Islamic bigotry”.

Galloway posted: “I have sacked Keith Mason as I earlier sacked candidates for anti-Semitism. Mason apologised for his historic tweets which were published when he was indeed guilty of anti-Islamic bigotry. It seems repentance is not enough in the elections game however. So he’s gone. I hope he keeps standing up for Gaza and continues his journey on the right path. @WorkersPartyGB”

Mason, who won the Challenge Cup in 2004 with St Helens, has had several parts in several television dramas such as: Peaky Blinders, Bulletproof, Cold Feet. He also starred in imperative, Killers Anonymous, Missing Goods and the upcoming feature film Jack Stall Is Dead and thriller Skin Traffik.

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