Fax rebrand as Halifax Panthers

Halifax have added a Panther to their name as part of a club re-brand.

Fax, who were previously called Blue Sox between 1996 and 2002 before reverting to RLFC, have changed their logo as part of the re-brand.

The club hopes the new moniker will help attract new supporters to the club.

“We had to change,” said the club’s Managing Director, Dave Grayson.

“I don’t think we could survive long-term as we were.

“It’s trying not to lose the heritage of the club but also put us in position to move forward and capture a younger audience. We might have lost a generation – if not two generations – of fans before.”

The Championship club are preparing for the 19th season outside Super League, after being relegated in 2003.

They finished third in the top flight in 1998 before financial troubles hit.

They last won the Championship in 2010.