Featherstone may not go full-time if promoted to Super League

Featherstone Rovers may remain part-time even if they are promoted to Super League.

General Manager Davide Longo has confirmed the club is considering a number of options should the club be promoted on Saturday, including a hybrid model that will see the club have a combination of full-time and part-time player members.

Featherstone are currently a part-time outfit, with only Saturday’s opponents, Toronto, and Toulouse Olympique full-time outfits outside of Super League.

“We’ve had a little chat about it,” he said.

“We’re not trying to go into too much details but we’re looking at a few different options. A hybrid version of a full-time environment. But we’re mindful that we’ve already recruited a large number of our squad. We’ve 16 players that we’ve already signed so there would be a lot of work to do if that dream comes true.”