Featherstone report record attendance

Featherstone Rovers say they are “delighted” after recording their second-highest opening-day attendance in over a decade.

2,743 people attended their Betfred Championship victory over Halifax, which was their highest opening-round attendance in five years.

The game attracted over an additional 1,000 spectators than the same fixture last year, while the club enjoyed an increase of 960 supporters compared to their first game against Oldham last year.

Around 350 Halifax supporters also made the trip across West Yorkshire.

Rovers general manager Davide Longo said: “We were absolutely delighted with the response from both sets of supporters going into Sunday’s game.

“We anticipated a healthy crowd but to break records is a testament to the hard work that has taken place in terms of promoting the fixture.

“The players put on a good show and we were pleased to get off to a fantastic start to the new season.

“This club boasts a sizeable, latent fanbase and we are working tirelessly to engage with it.

“We are attempting to break fresh ground by marketing games in new and innovative manner and the response has been good.

“Our ‘walk-up’ was relatively low on the day, meaning pre-game ticket sales were strong.

“On the back of a solid pre-season campaign and a notable recruitment drive, we are confident in our desire to significantly increase attendances in 2018. We are certainly heading in the right direction.”