Featherstone Rovers star banned for ‘discriminatory language’

Featherstone Rovers have confirmed that Dane Chisholm has been subject to an RFL Operational Rules Tribunal following an accusation of discriminatory language.

According to the Daily Star, the halfback has received an eight-match ban for calling an Oldham physio a “f***ing spastic” during a Championship match in August.

Chisholm is said to have made the remark after colliding with the physio and was found guilty at a tribunal hearing of “discriminatory language and conduct”.

Featherstone say that Chisholm “strongly denies” the allegation and that the club are appealing the decision.

The club also added that they “have a track record of working with people of all backgrounds, in particular, our work with members of our community with learning difficulties is second to none, these are projects that Dane and other members of the squad have played a key part in.

“We work closely with our principal partners at Millennium Support to provide opportunities for those with learning difficulties, this is well demonstrated in our LDRL programme of which we’re incredibly proud.”