Off the field interview: Luke Dorn

The Castleford Tigers fullback on Seinfeld, snoring and Shawshank

What would your last meal on Earth be?
I adore Asian food, especially pan-Asian, which is essentially a mix of Thai and Japanese. I think I would probably go for some sort of Thai curry. Maybe I would just go to Hakisan – it’s a restaurant in London – and order one of everything from their menu. I’d wash it all down with a big bottle of coke. A glass bottle – it can’t be plastic.

What song do you listen to more than any other?
I’m not sure at all. I’m a big music fan so I sort of swing and change a bit really. When I was younger I was into punk music but I’ve come through into more blues, country and folk music now. I have a diverse mix of music that I listen to. One of my go-to albums is Liquid Skin by Gomez but I love Metallica and Rage Against The Machine also.

If you could pick any superpower, what would you go for?
It definitely wouldn’t be flight, I’m no good with heights. I think invisibility would be a good one, I’d terrorise people, play a few games. Nothing sinister – I’m not a sinister person – I would just play around.

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What year would you go to in a time machine?
That’s a good question, I’ve often asked it myself. I would like to go back to the earliest of my ancestors and see what that was like. Where it began, 10 or 20 generations back, see what they were experiencing. That would be amazing.

What scares you more than anything?
Heights, probably. I’m not too bad with being high, I just don’t like being exposed, like on a roof or a balcony. I’m not a fan of rides either – I’m not very adventurous when it comes to roller coasters.


It’s my round, what are you drinking?
I’m a craft beer man, I love the pale ales, the IPAs, I actually want to do a bit of a home-brew and have a bit of a play with it. You can make it as strong as you want. The new strongest beer in the world was made by a Scottish company recently, it was something like 67 per cent and you drink it like a whisky. It comes with a health warning. I haven’t tried it but I like to try new beers all the time.

What is your favourite TV show?
All-time it’s got to be Seinfeld, I think it’s one of the cleverest shows ever written, I love it. More recently I really enjoyed The Wire.

What’s your favourite film?
Pulp Fiction, probably. I love Tarantino, anything he does is great. Shawshank Redemption is a great one, too, so is Inception – I really enjoyed that.

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Dogs or cats?
My daughter is obsessed with cats but I love dogs. I’ve always had them in my family. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are my favourites. I named my first one Tiger as I was a Balmain Tigers fan. I loved him. You don’t get enough affection off cats, I’m a bit of an attention seeker.


Are you tidy or messy?
Somewhere in the middle. I can be lazy at times but I like to have a tidy house. I wouldn’t say I’m tidy but I’m not a slob. It’s mostly clothes I’m slack with.

Do you have any bad habits?
According to my wife, biting my nails. I don’t see it as a bad thing but she definitely does. I used to snore quite badly too but I’m not as bad as I used to be. Maybe I grew out of it or just got a whack in my nose. I remember in my first year of first grade waking up and my room partner had dragged his bed into another room because I was snoring so badly. They ended up putting me and another guy together as we were both snorers. It was a race to go to sleep.

Who is the funniest team-mate you’ve had?
Danny Williams (the former London Broncos forward). He’s outrageously funny. He terrorises people no end, absolutely hilarious. He used to pull over at the side of the road and ask people directions to places that didn’t exist.

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Who has the worst dress sense in Rugby League?
How long have you got? Rob Purdham. He’s got one pair of jeans, one suit, five shirts and will happily wear double denim. For someone who lived in London you thought he would pick up on a few things but absolutely not. He would go out on a night out looking like he was walking his dog.