Flower deserves second chance, says Sims

Warrington Wolves prop Ashton Sims insists Ben Flower has served his punishment for his red card and last year’s Grand Final – and has insisted that everyone deserves a second chance.

As Sims prepares to line up against Flower tonight in his first game back from that record six-month suspension, the towering Warrington forward believes that Flower more than deserves another chance as he prepares to put his Rugby League career back on track.

When asked if he felt Flower had served his time, Sims said: “Most certainly. Everyone deserves a second chance.

“We’re in one of those games where it’s highly charged and highly motivated and it was in a Grand Final. what everyone wants to play for. I’ve not been lucky enough to play in a Grand Final but you hear guys talk about it and it’s one of the biggest days of your life, as well as the birth of your children and getting married.

“Sometimes it’s easy for emotions to boil over and we’ve all been in the position as rugby players.”