Former Bradford favourite dismayed by the Bulls’ demise

For Scott Naylor, Bradford’s recent troubles are unfathomable.

As a player, Naylor was a determined, juggernaut centre in the Bulls’ all-conquering side at the start of the millennium. In six years at the Bulls he won everything – two Grand Finals, two Challenge Cups and the World Club Challenge. But now, less than 14 years after his departure, he is left rueing the spiral of decline that started shortly after his exit and transpired with the club’s upcoming liquidation.

Should the club be re-formed, Naylor will go head-to-head with them as head coach of Oldham, but there’s little doubting the affection he has for the Bulls remains. As a result, his frustrations surrounding their current situation are strong.

“Why has this happened? There has to be answers. In the days when we were winning trophies, so were Saints, so were Leeds, Wigan were too. Look at all of them now and look at Bradford.

“The trophies we were winning were brilliant, but we weren’t paying massive wages like some of the other clubs did. Why are those clubs still successful and bigger than they ever have been and Bradford are where they are? You’re talking about Bradford starting the season at the bottom of the Championship, it’s just so sad to see.

“I just find it extremely sad, because the gulf between the top clubs and Bradford is just enormous now.

“They don’t seem to be getting it right, and that is what worries me, how many times will this happen? They need to take a backwards step for a couple of seasons so they can get some stability and start moving forward. Trying to compete with people and clubs you just can’t compete with doesn’t make any sense. Especially for the fans, who are paying all of that money to support the club.”

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