Former London Broncos coach Jermaine Coleman unsure over return to club game

Jermaine Coleman says a return to the club game could hinge on his full-time job in education.

As Jamaica’s lead coach in England, the 40-year-old is at the heart of the Caribbean side’s preparations for their maiden World Cup finals appearance under head coach Romeo Monteith this autumn.

But the former halfback, who is an assistant vice-principal at a North London secondary school, hasn’t been involved at club level since leaving the Championship’s London Broncos in May.

Coleman, originally from Leeds, switched capital sides in September 2021 after six-and-a-half years leading London Skolars in League One and admits he found combining his two demanding roles difficult.

Tasked with rebuilding the squad following the former Super League side’s switch from full to part-time status and relocation from Ealing to Wimbledon, he departed after twelve league games with only one win and a draw.

Coleman was delighted to see head of performance Mike Eccles, who stepped up to become interim coach, lead the Broncos to second-tier survival.

“It was frustrating for me there, because there were a lot of things I wanted to do but didn’t have enough time for,” he explained.

“You can maybe manage in League One, where it’s hectic but perhaps not quite as intense, but with the Broncos at that higher level and in a period of transition, it was hard.

“When you’re in that cycle of training and matches, you’re caught up in the moment, but since leaving, I’ve had time to take stock and think about my time there.

“I don’t regret going, I think I gained some invaluable experience, and I’m pleased that Mike has done the job he has. I don’t think he’s changed too much, but he has focused on defence, which was needed and which we were working at.

“There was a lot going on during my time at the club, and maybe things have become a bit more stable now, which is good going forward.”

Coleman continued: “I’m enjoying my role with Jamaica, and after leaving the Broncos, I’ve been able to devote more time to it.

“As for returning to the club game, I can’t see it happening as long as I’m based on London, so it’s whether or not we decide as a family to relocate back to the North.

“If that happened, then I wouldn’t rule it out, but given my full-time job, I think any involvement in club coaching would probably be as an assistant.”

Jamaica, who will be based in Leeds, will compete in World Cup Group C alongside Ireland, New Zealand and Lebanon.

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