Former PA of RFL chief executive ‘person with significant control’ at Bradford

The ownership situation at Bradford Bulls continues to get more confusing after it emerged that a former PA of Nigel Wood and Ralph Rimmer is now involved with a company deemed to have significant control of the club.

Several weeks after a consortium involving Mark Sawyer, Nigel Wood and his family was announced to the public, details were finally made available on Companies House on Wednesday morning – but they have only served to confuse fans even further.

Andrew Chalmers remains listed as an officer, while Mark Kilgallon and Sandra Wood have also been declared as directors of Bradford Bulls 2017 Limited on Wednesday. They had already been revealed to be joining the new-look board at the Bulls.

But the most remarkable development is the addition of a ‘BBBBB Ltd’ as a person with significant control of the club. That company, registered late last month in the city, has two registered officers: a Kimberley Stather – whose occupation is an administrator – and a Charlotte Monkman.

Monkman was Wood’s PA during his time as chief executive of the governing body, as well as briefly serving under Rimmer before taking a new post at the Rugby League International Federation as an executive assistant: the organisation Wood now works for as the chief executive.

BBBBB Ltd, which only has those two individuals listed as directors, is deemed to have ownership of over 75% of the shares – which means either Stather and Monkman own at least three-quarters of the shares, or there are further individuals involved with that company who are not listed.

BBBBB Ltd also now has significant influence or control of the club’s day-to-day proceedings – while the other party listed with significant control is The Orcas Rugby League: a company which Chalmers is heavily involved with.

There is no mention of Wood or Sawyer on any of the updated directors’ listings.