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  1. Hope it's not a season to far for Tim and we are still desperate for a half back and 2wingers with pace,which i thought we were lacking last season
  2. Would like to see Will Oakes back at the Knights or has he signed for Dewsbury
  3. Now need 2 props,a half back and 2wingers which will take us up to 26man squad unless Tim is going around again
  4. Squad is certainly taking shape for next season maybe could do with some pace in the back three is Joe Batchelor still at Saints as he would bring that to the team if available.
  5. Appreciate that knights can't put out loads of options and have kept it simple and straight forward thanks for the response
  6. I will also become a2020 knights patron but could have the knights have offered supporters who might not be in a position to give the whole of the season ticket money up a discount season ticket for 2021 season for say 120 pound with the Knights getting the 2020 season ticket money just a thought.
  7. Good interview with John Flatman on Radio York this evening about why the Knights have pulled out of the challenge cup and what the Knights are doing for next season and is talking up what kind of squad we are going to have in place for next season can't wait
  8. See Toronto have pulled out of Super League for the rest of the season,i presume that no club from Super League will be relegated this season and if the Championship starts up again will promotion still be on the table?
  9. Would be the sensible solution as long as promotion and relegation for all three divisions is preserved for the following season
  10. Are there waiting on super league clubs deciding on relegation before championship and league 1continue the season or is it down to finances
  11. See Championship and League 1 are meeting today about where we go from here,see Leigh,Featherstone and Newcastle are keen to restart having spent big money on squads but how are there going to pay the players with no income coming through the turnstiles.
  12. Can't see how we can finish the season with no income from supporters and i presume a lot of players have commitments at the end of the season,would gladly give my season ticket money this season up if it went towards the players pot for next season
  13. I could understand not wanting football supporters,but on the whole rugby fan's mix well together .
  14. Passed by the stadium yesterday and that all the work is been done is behind the side stand on the left,don't if that is holding everything up?
  15. What a shambles this has turned into,we have already been made to play our first game at BC on Sunday and sounds like the Stadium is not going be ready till April and the Knights can't play at the new Stadium till York City have played there first game at the Stadium,meaning we might have to stay at BC till next season (according to Radio York).How can the Knights plan for this season if nobody knows when the stadium will open,and how much money are the Knights losing by playing at BC?
  16. Certainly put his heart and his money in to the club when Chairman and also a great bloke
  17. Wouldn't it make sense to run buses from Exhibition Square to the new Stadium as most bus routes go through that part of town,and a lot of Knights supporters use the Bootham Tavern ?before and after games?
  18. Don't think at all he lost his way mid -season just couldn't get in to the team and is a great signing for next season.
  19. Surprised we have not give him a 2 year contract with the progress he made last season.Great signing
  20. Got to agree we need a centre and a winger who are going to get us 15 try's each as we didn't have that last season
  21. Lost a bit of confidence at the beginning of the season,but had a good end to the season and have know problem with the signing
  22. How come that a lot of the players we have signed have come through the squad builder and does that mean the squad builder contribute to be wages of the players through out the season?
  23. Always a shame that both players are local and have parted from the Knights,hope both players have left for the right reasons.
  24. Been a good player for the Knights,but the form that Jubb and Brining showed last season he would go find it difficult to get game next season presuming Jubb stays with the Knights.
  25. Trouble with ash,half the time he doesn't know what he his going to do so what chance will his teammates know what he his going to do?.Keep him on the wing or at Full Back where he will be more effective to the team
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