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  1. Trouble with ash,half the time he doesn't know what he his going to do so what chance will his teammates know what he his going to do?.Keep him on the wing or at Full Back where he will be more effective to the team
  2. I would like to see Marcus Stock resign again as in my opinion he got better as the season went on.
  3. A good signing for us and the pack is starting to take shape,hope Jubb and Dixon have been offered new deals and does anyone know if Spears is going to play next season?
  4. Fully deserved the award for what he has done this season on one of the lowest playing budget in the Division,but lot of praise must go to the players who have shown that the step up to the championship has been nothing less than unbelievable and the future of the knights looks very bright under John Flatman and James Ford.
  5. Looking already at this early stage you are putting a good squad together for next season and you could be the team to beat if you don't go up,good luck this weekend hope you make the final.
  6. When ordering tickets on line do you pick them up Saturday at the ground or are sent to you by post
  7. Great team performance against one of the big spenders in the Division and proves that what a great job Fordy has done over the last 3seasons in getting us into a position where we would have been dreaming of at the beginning of the season.
  8. If we beat Toronto in semi do we get home advantage in the final
  9. But potential it would be 2 home games for the Knights with the final in Toronto who at the start of the season would have said that?
  10. At the end of the day Chisholm turned the match with his professional foul and cost you 2 trys when you were in control of the game.Was not in a position to comment on the disallowed trys,but i like I've said in a previous post i think you are the best team we have played this season.
  11. 20 pounds to get in at Fev disgusting!!
  12. First 30 minutes there was only going to be one winner,but the sin binning of Chisholm turned the game on it's head and scoring the 2 trys before halftime lifted the whole ground.Second half we were the much better team and deserved to win the game,thought both wingers were outstanding and took the ball up on countless times making yards on numerous occasions.Great to see so many Fev fans at the game which made it a great atmosphere,still think there are the best team we have played this season would be nice to play them at BC in the playoffs.
  13. Are there also banned for away games?
  14. Looking at the squad for Sunday's game i can see Bass getting the center birth with Salter and with either Stock/porter/Kelly on the bench and Brad Hey missing out.
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