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  1. Don't think you can just blame the loss of Ben Cockayne as we played without him at the back end of the season,but what the team lacks is pace especially in the back three(forwards),maybe putting Liam into the 2nd row will offer the team something different to what we have now,but we are only 2 games into the season and have probably played 2 of best teams in the division.
  2. paul


    Game rearranged for Sunday 07th June,wonder if the Stadium will be ready?
  3. paul

    New stadium

    Passed by the stadium yesterday and that all the work is been done is behind the side stand on the left,don't if that is holding everything up?
  4. paul

    New stadium

    What a shambles this has turned into,we have already been made to play our first game at BC on Sunday and sounds like the Stadium is not going be ready till April and the Knights can't play at the new Stadium till York City have played there first game at the Stadium,meaning we might have to stay at BC till next season (according to Radio York).How can the Knights plan for this season if nobody knows when the stadium will open,and how much money are the Knights losing by playing at BC?
  5. Do you have to go to the office to pick your season ticket up or can you pick it up on Sunday before the game?
  6. Apart from Marsh i don't think we have many more options at Half Back.
  7. I certainly wouldn't call it a shambles,we still look strong defensively,but we to score more points which Fordy has acknowledged in the press and the Championship is as is going to be tougher than last season as many teams know what the Knights are about now.
  8. Certainly put his heart and his money in to the club when Chairman and also a great bloke
  9. paul

    New stadium

    Wouldn't it make sense to run buses from Exhibition Square to the new Stadium as most bus routes go through that part of town,and a lot of Knights supporters use the Bootham Tavern before and after games?
  10. Brought my home shirt a week last Friday from the shop and Neil said that it had been well worth opening the shop in coppergate.
  11. I presume you can pay with a card?
  12. No mention of Replica Shirts been on sale on the Knights home page.
  13. Interesting to see how many people will turn out for the Doubleheader and will show if the public of York want Super League to be a regular thing in the city?I don't know how much input the Knights have in the fixtures,but would be asking for the Bulls to play us on the day.
  14. Don't think at all he lost his way mid -season just couldn't get in to the team and is a great signing for next season.
  15. Surprised we have not give him a 2 year contract with the progress he made last season.Great signing
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