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  1. In a few months time I shall be 89 and I am not well. I am therefore cancelling my running of the MOM. I took over from Steve Slater and I would be pleased if he could organise the 2023 season and onwards. Thanks for your help and cooperation in running the MOM. I tried on more than one occasion to  obtain permission to present our winners our trophy but all replies were negative. I hope however our MOM will continue. ll the best UTR.

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  2. We had to cope with what came up. Rationing, back to back houses, no electricity only gas, Non flush toilets and a midden for rubbish. Cane Stick at school and a clip up the earhole fron a bobby if you stepped out of line. Due to circumstances I was a miner, a railwa\y clerk, a National Service soldier, called up as a reservist, and finally a banker. Had to keep a stiff upper lip in a lot of circumstances, but survived with what we called Featherstrone Grit. Bring it back!!

  3. 58 minutes ago, Fevrover said:

    Because McDermott didnt want them playing,the man was one of the worst coaches in Featherstone's  history and you go back further then most and seen them all.

    I agree. To leave them out was ridiculous. Seen lots of coaches in my 84 years of watching and he certainly is very low down in the list. Oh for the  Eric Batten of 1952.

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  4. This reminds of barber LOWE on Station Lane. He only did short back and sides. A lad went in and asked for a crew cut. Barber Lowe looked at him, not knowing about crew cuts and said: You don't want one of them have my latest the John Charles famous footballer cut. The lad agreed and got a short back and sides. He went round Featherstone with pride telling everybodhy that his haircut was a John Charles done by barber Lowe. It increased business for a while.  You can have what hairstyle you like my only concern was will it interfere with coaching.

  5. Grow one and be our mascot. I still get a short back and sides. I was meaning coaching a team with long hair is not an easy task. It will be getting in the way at every  move instruction. Perhaps he will be coaching on the blind side.  Will he wear a ribbon?

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