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  1. I am surprised you haven't realised that is an indication of the cross breeding that happened creating giants and super humans on earth. The lower opening indicates that the breeding is well in action.
  2. If you look very closely you will see a humanoid figure on the lions chest. Obviously some kind of spacecraft carrying that figure. The figure appears to wear a crown. It became either a king or a God. Also appears to be wearing overboots.
  3. Could I please have you votes and comments for the MOM London v Featherstone. First three choices please..
  4. Obviously and alien from outer space. Plenty of those and other figures drawn and carved throughout the world. Because they came from outer space the people thought they were Gods instead of UFO creatures.
  5. I had a bit of trouble in school. I wanted to be in 2A but they put me in 2B. I tried to get out but it was a question of 2B or not 2B.
  6. Right folks calling an end to the Barrow voting. The winner of this MOM was Harrison with 28 votes with Parata second with 25 and Hall third with 22. Overall we have Hall and Chisholm with 4, followed by Susino, McLelland and Harrison with three each. Parata is the only other scorer in the totals with 2. On to the London game. Thanks for your votes and comments.
  7. Let's accept that referees are human beings that are subject to making mistakes as all of us are. The idea of conspiracy is going on is ridiculous. If a referee is subject to booing or shouting abuse at him then being human he might react. We have all seen decisions that are not acceptable but that is the way life is. Outside of Rugby League it happens in daily life as well. I could tell you of many occasions when I have been wrongly accused or given a bad mark that I didn't deserve. Just let's get on with the game.
  8. Checked it again. Millennium Support has another sub heading that shows Millennium Care Services and that shows Station Lane, Pontefract.
  9. The Featherstone Rovers Headline that you directed us to Mo is headed MILLENNIUM SUPPORT, how have I got it wrong?
  10. I have read a lot of stories about Jesus. Did he exist or not was he fake or true? It would be great to actually meet him and evaluate with a modern open mind. Many parts of the bible have been altered or re written. It would be great to actually meet him in person.
  11. Hi Chris, I have checked it again. My check was on the internet under Millennium Support. It still says Station Lane, Pontefract.
  12. When I looked up their name on my internet. Perhaps they have changed it since the new deal Chris.
  13. Sorry about the slip. Yes I think Leigh have a good chance.
  14. Good news Mo. Funny though when looking them up their address is Station Lane, PONTEFRACT. If they are supporting us surely they should have Featherstone in their address?
  15. Looking at the draw I reckon the eight to go through will be : Wakefield, Widnes, Sheffield, Dewsbury, Featherstone, Huddersfield, Leigh and York. Then in the next round making it 16 clubs participating they will be joined by: Wigan, Cas, St Helens, Leeds, Warrington, Hull, Salford, and Hull KR. Think I have it right. Some possible tasty opposition depending on us beating Hunslet of course. At least we should have Chisholm and Lockwood and a few players who are now injured participating by then.
  16. Remembering how it was structured if we win this one we are in the last 16. The best part of it, as the winner will be a SL team, is that we should get some nice additional revenue.
  17. Thanks for the comments as well as the votes. Most welcome. Let's hope that Lockwood gets sending off sufficient. It certainly looked accidental as he fell and was then jumped on as his legs came up from the crashed tackle. Here's hoping for a strong team versus London.
  18. Ok Steve you have given me Hall, but I need to know the other two as soon as possible. If you just giving one vote let me know. it makes keeping the records easier.
  19. Thank you for your votes so far. Harrison is leading with 19 votes followed by Parata with 16 votes and Hall with 14. Please keep voting. I am sure we can commemorate our MOM votes in some form at the end of the season. In the meantime let's enjoy our contributions and comments.
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