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  1. Haven't had a vote since Tuesday. So overall we had the Championship League winner as Hall. The semi final winner was Halton and the Final winner was Ferres. So a big thank you to all the players for what was overall a good season's perfdormance. Here's to next seaon. UTR. Thanks to everybody for their contributions.
  2. How about if a playedr is down for more than 10 seconds hehas to go off? It would stop the fakingf.
  3. Read that we had signed two junior players from Leeds. Any further news?
  4. Monday at 8pm. Ferres leading with 25 votes, Bussey 20, Ferguson 17. Keep voting pleased it will be interesting to see who our MOM for the Play Offs is.
  5. Please let me have your MOM for the Toulouse game. First three choices please. UTR lets do a St Helens on the French. But by quite a bit more.
  6. Final votes for this game. Halton the winner and with 61 votes. He gets 4 points for getting over 50 votes. Two points to Hardcastle with 30 points and 1 point to Jones for 17 votes. Can we now have the votes for the Toulouse game? It will be interesting to know who is our play off MOM. Halton is the favourite but we can get plenty of more votes.
  7. Sorry about spelling. Computer plating all sort of tricks.
  8. Final voting for this game. Halton the winner who get 61 votes and 4ponts for gettging over 50 votes, 2 points for Hardcastle who scored 30 votes and one point for Jones who scored 17. Can we now vote for the MOM in the Toulouse game.? It will be good to know who our Play Off MOM is. Please vote and make it interesting.
  9. No voting for a while. I am going to give it while tomorrow and then show the up to date results. At the moment Halton is winning with 61. Hardcastle has 30 and then Jones 17. It is looking very much like Halton will be the winner. Wish we were keeping him.
  10. John was a great player who doesn't get the praise he deserves. He and Paul toghether would be great for us if still playing.
  11. John was a great player who didn't get the praise he deserved. H
  12. I agree. The people in charge are looking at expansion and finance. We were denied SL in the past even though we were a club that was inside the cut off off point. I reckon in spite of how good we are there are certain conditions that will apply even if we win that we do not fit into. These conditions will be under cover until the premotion aspect comes into focus. We do not know what the structure of the competition will be in the future.
  13. If we win then the Toulouse supporters might be saying OOO LLLL. !!!
  14. Any news on Luke Briscoe coming back to us?
  15. I FRANCY us against them. Spelling wrong again. Laff it off. !!!!!!. UTR.
  16. How about 'Our League', could have a capital letter laugh then.
  17. I will keep the Sheffield voting going until Saturday and then on to you know who . Voting starting after that game.
  18. 13 replies i am delighted . At the moment Halton is winning with 36 votes and Hardcastle is second with 20. Jones has 8 and Brown 7. Welham has 5. Chizzy 2 and Hall 1. Keep voting and we will have our MOM for the play offs after the last game. The opposition has the right name TOO LOSE. UTR. !!!. I will close the voting for the play offs after the Toulouse game on Saturday the 16th . In real terms we could have another presentation. A PLAY OFF ONE.
  19. On to beat Toulouse now folks. UTR. More of our players.
  20. 1.HALTON 2 CHISHOLM 3 Brown/Hall
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