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  1. 18 hours ago, gazza77 said:

    Have you complained to anyone about it, other than on here? 

    I was living away from Featherstone at the time and went to an away match at Halifax. I entered the ground and could not see the Feathefrstone supporters. The game started and I shouted for my team. I was then surrounded by Halifax supporters who abused me and told me to get lost sraight away or I would be beaten up. I asked where the Featherstone supporters were and found out they were at the other end of the ground. Yes I did report it but as a sole person complaining it was ignored. But IT HAPPENED. So that kind of action is NOT retstricted.

  2. On 16/12/2021 at 16:55, POR said:

    Good luck with that  PH  no mention of of  it anywhere in the RFL universe if reports are true can't wait to see  their justification cos been told by one of my best mates from uni who has just retired as a barrister in the high courts in london if no evidence then it's defamation and chizzy can sue the lad and the RFL for false statements about him that injure his  reputation 🤣

    I am beginning to think there is a conspiracy against our club. I have followed Fev for around 83 years and know a lot of Featherstone people and supporters. I hear the abuse on the smaller stand and looking at the people causing the noise cannot recognise one face. Is it possible that non Feaherstone supporters are shouting and making the abusive comments in order that the Rovers get the backlash?  Chizzy is now getting accused without evidence. Has any of the hierarchy thought about looking down this other avenue of outside mischief in order that we get suspensions and fines. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a group that is deliberately trying to blacklist our club for their benefit.  

  3. How can anybody be suspended for 8 matches on an alleged incident that has no evidence to show it happened? If this is the way things are decided then it is going to become a method of getting rid of a star player by other clubs to enhance their chances of winning matches against that club. With no evidence then it could be a strategy that could be used whenever a club thinks it is useful to them. Totally stupid decision by the RL.

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  4. 17 hours ago, dboy said:

    If you have "said it many times", and no-one has taken any notice...maybe it's a hint to stop saying it?

    Perhaps ,they are all DB's . Cirumstances have changed over the years both in structure and finance. It is not wrong to put an opinion that is adverse to two leagues of ten. Perhaps you have an idea that is worth thinking about? I go back a long way and can remember there being one league. It worked and made RL one organisation without disruption for the most part .In all circujmstances you get somebody with authority who will always look to see what is in it for them. We will no doubt be given an answer that puts money in the pockets of those in power. Nothing changes.

  5. What I have said many times. ONE league. Lancashire clubs play each other and Yorkshire clubs play each other then each club plays four teams of equal standing from the other . Bottom two teams demoted. Top eight play off. The League 1 to continue playing for promotion of two teams. Lets have a Yorkshire Cup and a Lancashire Cup play offs.  Teams will get support and income.

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  6. Reading the article it says 'Improving Community use', 'wider grass roots', inclusive facilities', Meet the needs of the community', 'Range of sports', impact of the usage'. Surely this is a message to widen our grass routes in the community. Therefore widen our interests and USE our land for community improvement. Things for kids, older people to enjoy, family participation, sports days for the community participation, other sports activities to attract youngsters, sport shops, shops for essentials. On and On look at the possibilities not a narrow minded ground improvement but OVERALL COMMUNITY SERVICE.

  7. We remember our  great performance last season. With all the changes how do you reckon we will line up for 2022 acceptoing of course there might be more signing. But who will play in what position do you reckon?

  8. What wonderful news. Good marketing and loyal support.  Is it in the clubs interest for us to go with Premier sports? Do the club get anything from the deal? If not then surely if we buy a their TV membership we will lose support on the terraces. Or have I as usual got it all wrong.

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